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Post  Admin Thu 23 Jan - 18:15

The local elections are coming up in March. Brits can vote and even stand for election. So I've joined an independent list called "HUELGOAT ENSEMBLE" - that doesn't mean a choir group, it means "together" LOL

So tell me what you want done and I'll make you a few empty promises! - no, seriously, I'll post our rather ambitious manifesto here once it's finalised so you can tell your friends to vote for me!  bounce 



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LOCAL ELECTIONS Empty Bingle for el Presidente!

Post  Bingle Thu 23 Jan - 23:12

Hi Mark and and any bits of the "ensemble" that resemble the Huelgoat masses!
Gosh, since my ramblings of the 25 December, I thought that all was now abandoned and that the Huelgotian Black Hole had finally taken its toll, with a few burps on the way!
I'm game to vote for anything; just put a beer in my hand..
Seriously, are you serious? .. is there really a "Huelgoat Ensemble".  If it does live and breath, is it biased towards Breton or local ideals?  Will cinema entry fees be reduced to 4 euros?  Will pedalos return to the lake?  Will the Laundromat get a mini-bar?  All things to be answered in the great scheme of local politics!!
So, am I able to vote for you?  Are bribes acceptable?  How long is a piece of string?  Or is a length of rope better?
No matter, I'm game, but don't shoot me!
Huelgoat Ensemble: 1
Bingle Beer Party: 0
On the due date..... "Make your mark for Mark", a cross in pencil, biro or blood will do!
from the desk of
el Bingle
from his mobile device in the Privy at the bottom of his garden (Read into that what you will...)


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