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Huelgoat Food and Drink Expo

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Huelgoat Food and Drink Expo Empty Huelgoat Food and Drink Expo

Post  Bingle Mon 3 Nov - 19:57

Well, Folks, I made it. Went along to the Food and Drink thingy at the school. Quite interesting and saw lots of stuff. Sadly, many were quite expensive for my level of "guttersnipe" wallet! Enjoyed a wonderful Crepe from "Tamm-Kreiz" of Plouye and, indeed, I bought a jar of spreading salt caramel from the lady on the same stall.
Worth going Yes! Whether much real (Profitable) business was done: a moot point, especially with high prices for some of the produce (but that's only in my tight-fisted opinion!). But, certainly, the publicity was there so it may be worth while getting one's name out by doing the fairs!
I hope that other people who visited also enjoyed the expo!
Best Wishes to all!


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Huelgoat Food and Drink Expo Empty Re: Huelgoat Food and Drink Expo

Post  Admin Sun 11 Jan - 16:21

Actually, for the quality of the goods the prices were in fact very reasonable. For example, it's not the kind of wine you'd buy for just getting sloshed on, more for a special meal or gathering. Yes, ok, I seem to have lots of them! The good thing is they dop'nt force you to buy and it's quite easy to pick up a free ticket to get in if you visit local businesses the week before. I stocked up my quality wine cellar which I had rather deplenished recently so I'm happy. And the champagne there is excellent!!!

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