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Local Tradesmen

Post  MB on Fri 28 Sep - 12:36


Having now acquired a property in Huelgoat and getting used to the place (It's delightful and well up to expectations). I've been very touched by the way people (both French and English) are so welcoming and happy to chat. Sad thing was I've also heard of a local tradesmen charging substantially more on completion of work than the originally agreed price and an example of a supplier who quoted a price for goods plus delivery and then on delivery wanting a further substantial charge. I'm sure you always get these sorts of stories that are uppermost in the victims' minds, but am I right to be over cautious or is the broad picture not so bleak? I need some building and electrical work done so obviously I'm pretty anxious to get a general view.

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Re: Local Tradesmen

Post  Admin on Sun 21 Oct - 8:44

Hi there

In general I think the local tradesmen are very honest and do a good job. But as with everywhere, get some trusted recommendations and check out their previous work.

If your tradesmen are working legally then they will not charge you more than their quote, unless you have agreed to extra work or different specifications than quoted for. they know to do otherwise would be illegal and you don't have to pay them the difference.

Beware the Central Brittany Journal! Although it can be a blessing sometimes to have a list of Brits or English speaking French tradesmen and services, many are unregistered and you could fall foul of the law by employing them. You've probably noticed they don't usually publish their SIRET number in the CBJ. That's their registered business number.

Talk to your neighbours. They can usually recommend someone trustworthy and will probably be proud to show off any work they've had done!

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